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Rosie Hussain - via Google

I am currently in the market to buy a property and I just wanted to give your company some feedback. Today I met Vincent Inglese an EMAAR Beachfront specialist from your team. Not only did Vincent arrive ahead of time (an old habit I can't shake from my UK days so always appreciated) but he was professional, kind, knowledgeable, and radiated an energy of an all round good duy. As I grew up people always said buy people I believed it to a degree as I always knew other things came into the mix. I just wanted to give feedback to say you have a very good and honorable man in Vincent and I hope he will go far in your firm. Many thanks.

Stephan Gebhardt - via Google

I am dealing with Vincent Inglese from the Emaar Beachfront Branche. He is a real specialist for this area. He has a very good network which gives him access to good units. He provides a lot of useful information without being too pushy. I enjoy working with Vincent as he is a very professional and friendly real estate agent

Dhafir Ridha - via Google

It was a pleasure dealing with Vincent, professional and friendly. Highly recommended.

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