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I am currently working in Dubai Wharf but I have been in the Real Estate industry since 2010. Equipped with vast experience in both leasing and sales transactions ranging from apartment to villas, I have developed skills in terms of interacting with clients, helping them with their need to find their dream homes. I believe that meeting the client's expectation is the main goal in this kind of field.

Customer reviews

Youssef Al Hawa - via Google

I have dealt with Tarek Askar the property consultant at fam properties who demonstrated a very professional and qualified manner, I was so satisfied with dealing with fam properties this big name is actually founded from actual and dedicated efforts.

Nahla Badran - via Google

My experience with fam properties and my agent Mr. Tarik Askar changed my perception for Real Estate Agencies, they are highly qualified, very professional and responsive, Mr. Askar was providing me with all the necessary information and details step by step and facilitated everything for me, my sincere recommendation to you FAM.

Abdullah Al Mazroui - via Google

Because, by God, the dealings are excellent, the explanation is adequate, and they failed. Brother Tariq Askar, the real estate consultant, was helping me until I sold the apartment. I was very professional and all the work was excellent. Thank you, brother Tariq, and I wish you luck and lasting success.

Juhaina Amiri - via Google

I had been completely satisfied by the professional and quality service of fam properties' advisor, Mr. Tarik Askar who assisted me all the way through, It was a smooth process different than other agencies where the procedures are prolonged without taking the client's time into consideration, thank you always Tarik.

Milla Thomson - via Google

I am very thankful to fam properties for their extensive services, Tarek Asker my agent was super helpful in getting things done in no time, I was able to find a flat right exactly like what I wanted from the a range of properties fam is offering, all facilities well maintained, I moved in and everything went smooth and cool, thanks again fam properties and Tarek

Asem Hamdan - via Google

Dealing with a Professional Top Notch Real Estate Agency in Dubai like fam properties made my life easier, Mr. Tarik Askar my property advisor facilitated all the documentation and procedures and provided a complete scope of real estate services, I'm so delighted to deal with you guys, you are definitely the best!!

Laila Chadidi - via Google

I would like to thank fam properties for their extensive services, it is one of the companies that provide a comprehensive series of offerings in the world of real estate, and I highly appreciate the efforts of the agent Tariq Askar who did a great job in facilitating things for me starting from briefing me on the project and its facilities, then with viewing, paperwork and completed the whole cycle very efficiently. Keep it up guys!!

ramez haddad - via Google

I had been dealing with many brokers and real estate agencies in UAE, but frankly fam properties is providing an outstanding service through a series of organized steps offered by its team, Mr. Askar who helped find what I was looking for in terms of location, budget and facilities. I am very thankful for Mr. Tarek Askar who was continuously responsive and courteous.. Keep it up!!

mohammed alloh - via Google

i dealt with TAREK ASKAR for the last 3 years and couldn't be happier. He is very helpful ,friendly, Thank you FAM PROPERTIES :)

reem shator - via Google

fam properties is once of the professional company I have dealt with. Tarek Askar he was very polite and helpful. Always available to help me . Thanks .

ahmad mhomad - via Google

would like to thank and appreciate Tarek Askar from fam properties about his efforts with us, he is helping me when I was looking for investment In Dubai.

hoda al haj - via Google

Me and my family appreciate Tarek Askar he is an honest and a knowledgeable agent, the best I have worked with. As an agent , he provided all information I needed to rent an apartment .Thank u .

khaled elsaid - via Google

Tarek askar supported me with a villa search when I arrived DUBAI recently. He is very professional, . I am very satisfied with his service. Thank you

mohammad abbas - via Google

Best service I received from fam properties. from the agents. It was just a very good experience with Tarek askar he is very supportive, helpful and customer oriented.

kiran kirishnan - via Google

Tarek Askar has set a new standard in real estate agency. Understanding our needs better than we did. He now can recommend and disregard properties without us telling him. He is professional, polite, committed. I'm sure he will find the perfect home for me and my family. Highly recommended

Leila Ayari - via Google

I would like to thank Tarek Askar for his professional attitude and service. He is very dedicated and knows the market pretty well .I am happy to deal with him .thanks

Najwa Najwa - via Google

would like to thank Tarek Askar for his help, in few words honest advice , extremely professional , helpful. I appreciate his patience, he listened , understood my requirements. Highly his services as Real Estate Adviser.

Yasir Mansoor - via Google

I would like to thank MS TAREK ASKAR for his professionalism during all the stages of renting the apartment . he was really helpful and still now.thanks FAM .

Hadel Ojjeh - via Google

I would like to highly recommend Tarek askar at FAM, if you are looking to rent or buy an apartment in Dubai. Tarek is extremely professional, courteous, friendly and helpful.

Julia Shibinskaya - via Google

I highly recommend Tarek Askar as real estate agent, me and my husband have dealt with him over the years - he is knowledgeable . we always recommend to go to for an advise as a trustworthy expert in Dubai's real estate market.

Mohamd Ahfaq - via Google

Tarek askar is very professional, proactive and honest. he understand the requirements. I recommend him one of the best solution provider.

Amal Abd - via Google

Tarek askar did a great job help me to rent my apartment . He was fast and professional, and has assured his continued support in the future as well. thanks Tarek & FAM .

Florine Ahmed - via Google

I have meet Tarek askar . they are very professional and supportive and extremely kind. I must also thank Tarek from Fam Properties who has been providing excellent service and consultation. I highly admire his extensive knowledge of the market and his skills. .

Ahmad Ababneh - via Google

i meet Tarek askar and rent from him flat in Remmram .He is extremely helpful . I would definitely recommend him if you are thinking of moving to the area.

Rakez Rakez - via Google

i had a great experience with Tarek askar . Very professional, he found for me off plan property . he is always available to answer the phone call or email. Thank you .

mona hussain - via Google

My experience with Tarek askar was excellent. He was very understanding and administration was efficient. Thanks Tarek & Fam

Ali Al Blooshi - via Google

It has been a pleasure dealing with Tarek askar . I was particular in the things I’m looking for in my home. Tarek has understood my wishes and has been very determined on finding the perfect house for me. I would definitely recommend his services to all of my friends!

Alessandra modena - via Google

Tarek askar helped us find our perfect rental villa . He was efficient, friendly and professional. . Tarek went above and beyond to assist. I highly recommend him.

Sahir Rajan - via Google

Tarek askar was very professional and did a great job giving all the information and working hard to do the best providing us with all the services we need for villa ! Thank you

Jyoti Asddd - via Google

Excellent service. If you are looking for someone to get things done look for tarek askar . Always available and always with a smile.

Abudlla Mohamad - via Google

Very happy with my real estate agent Tarek askar at f?m properties! Very customer oriented, understood my needs and extremely responsive.

Coralie Mandrelli - via Google

Just picked up my keys from Fam Properties and I strongly recommend this agency and specially Tarek Askar ! Tarek has been really professional with us and always really reactive to our demands and request. He always follow up with us and care for us. On top of that he was a precious help in terms of help in regards to the DEWA registration or other things that must be done when renting a flat for the first time in Dubai. His smile and politness are also a pleasure and his English is good too If you are looking for a professional estate agent with a care for costumer go to FAM Properties !

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