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Farouk has Architectural background and over 8 years of experience advising and assisting clients in finding their homes or a suitable investment . He has worked in many international markets such as Turkey and UAE, He has worked in many project such as Villanova Project, Arabian Ranches 3, The Villa sales and leasing, And now spending his time and effort focusing on luxurious property and Dubai land as it is a new prime raising area in Dubai. Transparency, Honesty, Repetition and professionalism is the key for his success in the real estate market. He always value and deliver satisfactory service to his clients. You can reach him anytime for any professional advice in terms of property investment and leasing.

Customer reviews

Sahar Marak - via Google

I was very happy with fam Properties service. Our agent, Farouk Zada, was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was always quick to respond, thorough in his explanations, and he was very professional in responding to our queries. He made the entire process seamless and stress-free.

rajat sharma - via Google

Thanks Mr. Faroukh Zyada for arranging a quick viewing in a hours notice ,professional , to the point on the requisite information.

Djam dj - via Google

Farouk have been really helpful assisting us. He has been professional, and tried to accommodate us in every way. In a sea of unreliable real estate agent, Farouk has made a great and positive impact. Fäm as a whole (as we have dealt with other agents) have been truly amazing. I highly recommend Fäm, Farouk and the whole team. Thank you.

Amine MALKI - via Google

Farouk Zada it was very helpful. Even though we didn't finalize a contract because we found a better opportunity, Farouk was very clear in his explanations and very knowledgeable in his advice

Marwa Abdulla - via Google

I contacted this agent regarding a unit I was interested in, and I was disappointed by their rude behavior (F.J.Z). From the moment I reached out, their tone was dismissive and condescending. They seemed impatient with my questions and didn't provide clear or helpful responses. It was disheartening to encounter such unprofessionalism, especially when I was genuinely interested in their listing. He requires more training in customer service and how to speak to customers.

Ayat Youssef - via Google

Farouk jalousi Zada The most unprofessional agent, I ever met I called him to view a unit, but he was very rude on the call No Follow up. Offensive language Rude voice tone Horrible experience I do not recommend anyone to deal with Fam Properties, the way to deal with customers is beyond disgusting.

Wasila Raslan - via Google

Excellent understanding about the market and his clients requets and requirements. Thank you Farouk Zada

Andraž Kosi - via Google

With my wife we are looking into buying a house. Our agent is Mr.Faruk Zada. From the first contact on we received nothing but professional, knowledgeable and kind customer service. Our decision is made. Strongly recommend Mr.Faruk.

hichem chikha - via Google

Farouk Niyazi was Professional to the extreme, focused and helpful, an experience to be repeated.

Radha Ravikumar - via Google

Mr. Farouk Zada was very quick to respond and was very patiently letting us view the property as we took our time to do a lot of measurements etc.

S Carter - via Google

We used Farouk Zada to help us secure our property in Villanova he was very professional and also very helpful throughput the whole process

sinan akyıldız - via Google

Very friendly and professional approach. Thank Faruk

ali hassn - via Google

Mr Farouk zada really save me up i was looking for house 3 weeks Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

nishant sharma - via Google

I was looking for a villa in Amaranta. After going through bayut, property finder and a lot of third party agents I came across Fam properties. Farouk zada was the one who took his time , showed me around and answered all the questions patiently. Fam properties agents are professional and they get things done on time. Highly recommended.

bishoy nagiub - via Google

Farouk is amazing Agent from Fam Team, he accommodated our viewing request although it was weekend, understood our needs and offered us a lot of options. It was great experience dealing with him and FAM

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