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Andrea Fonte has been in Dubai for over 12 years with back ground in sales for 6 years.Area of specialty are Downtown Dubai and Business Bay. Professional in assisting international customers to find their home dream in Dubai. Full guidance how to own a property and assist investors to find their best deals.  Full information about Dubai land department procedures for buying and selling properties with guidance and follow ups. Andrea has built a reputation for her attentive and friendly customer care and proven ability to guide buyers & tenants to obtain the best value for their dream home and to assist sellers & landlord to a smooth, stress-free deal of their home. Andrea understands that buying and selling is one of the biggest decisions in a client’s life and aims to add value and build a trustworthy and long-term relationship with her clients. Andrea has strong customer service for 22 years being in field.

Customer reviews

Fairooza Farook - via Google

It was a pleasure working with Andrea Fonte. She was very helpful in showing the properties in City walk to my client, though my client didn't take any property I will definitely work with her in future. She is very professnal and k ind.

Hazel Maglalang - via Google

I had the pleasure of working with Agent Andrea Fonte, and I must say, she was fantastic! Andrea is incredibly knowledgeable, accommodating, responsive, and pleasant to work with. She goes the extra mile and truly stands out from typical agents who are solely driven by commission. Throughout the entire process, Andrea ensured that the tenant's comfort was a priority. She was proactive in assisting us and swiftly resolved any issues that arose. Her dedication and timely problem-solving skills made a significant difference. I highly recommend Andrea and look forward to collaborating with her again in the future. She's definitely someone you can rely on for a smooth and positive real estate experience.

hani fallatah - via Google

I recently had the distinct pleasure of working with Andrea, Sheree, and Lexy from Fäm Real Estate during the sale of my apartment, and their service was nothing short of exemplary. Andrea was instrumental in identifying a legitimate and serious buyer, which is the cornerstone of any successful real estate transaction. Moreover, her assistance in closing all legal aspects related to the transfer of bills was invaluable, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to client satisfaction. Sheree took charge of all office and legal matters with impeccable precision. Her ability to coordinate and set up the sale appointments ensured that the entire process was organized and executed without a hitch. Which lead to a seamless progression of the sale. Lexy's role was crucial on the day of the sale, handling the practical aspects with a thoroughness that left nothing to chance. Her management of the money transfers and ensuring that everything proceeded according to plan was the linchpin in the successful conclusion of the sale. The collective efforts of Andrea, Sheree, and Lexy made the sale of my apartment not only successful but also a remarkably stress-free experience. Their professionalism, coupled with a genuine concern for my needs, has left a lasting impression. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking for a team that delivers with excellence and integrity.

Robert B - via Google

Andrea Fonte has been amazing in finding me one of the most unique apartments in City Walk for my client. After a very long search and many disappointments for my client, I asked Andrea if she could assist me and she was able to provide the best apartment with an incredible view. Thank you.

Rene Jozic - via Google

Even before arriving in Dubai, my wife and me established contact with Andrea, and from the moment we made our decision, it took merely 12 days to transition into our new apartment. Our experience was nothing short of exceptional. Thank you, Andrea, for making our move to Dubai such a smooth and efficient journey!

Ziad Youssef - via Google

I Would Like to thank FAM & its team for their excellent support in finding us the right Property to Purchase. Special thanks goes to Danny, Andrea & Wynona for their constant support up until the Title deed was issued.

J J - via Google

Andrea Fonte was extremely helpful and cooperating through out the move in process with the best service someone can ask for in Dubai. Thank you for such a smooth and amazing experience!:)

Rishi Dadia - via Google

Bought a property with FAM - Khushboo and Andrea were fantastic in getting everything done on time, dealing with legalities and very helpful. Would highly recommend them

Perterson Balucci - via Google

Excellent service by Fam property agent Andrea Fonte. She managed to find our property with all the criteria we wanted. Thank you very much for your dedication and care.

A. Zaid - via Google

Thanks Andrea Fonte for assisting me with the property choice. We did not rent from her for other reasons, but we appreciate her professionalism and kindness. Definitely we will be in touch.

Sydney Blankenship - via Google

Positive: Professionalism Andrea was my agent and she was so amazing! I was away in France and she helped to find me the perfect house by the time I got back in Dubai from holiday. Definitely recommend working with her.

Omar Kubatayev - via Google

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness Excelent service provided by Andrea Fonte. Fast and professional.

Farida Azarioh - via Google

Andrea was really responsive and helpful for me when I choose the property. She gave me very useful tips and was always available when I needed her. Can definitely recommend her!!

Abena Hagan - via Google

Andrea Fonte was very kind and patient in helping me find a good property. I had a little delay in my visa etc and she was very patient and professional. Very good communication and excellent knowledge of the industry. I will totally recommend Andrea in finding your next property!

Camellia Laurent - via Google

My agent was Andrea and she was helping me with everything 🤩👌🏻 💖

Aboudy el farkh - via Google

Andrea Fonte, an agent from FAM was great to work with. She problem solved with me to find the best possible value for me, and would sometimes respond to me at midnight a few days before my move to finalize some paperwork to make the property fully ready by the time I move. I would highly recommend her and would definitely work with her again.

Aboudy el farkh - via Google

Andrea Fonte, an agent from FAM was great to work with. She problem solved with me to find the best possible value for me, and would sometimes respond to me at midnight a few days before my move to finalize some paperwork to make the property fully ready by the time I move. I would highly recommend her and would definitely work with her again. Like

Perterson Balucci - via Google

Thank Andrea for helping to find a good price in the tower I wanted to rent. The whole process of move-in in RP Heights was very complicated. She is very patient and kind. I faced some trouble with my Emirates ID for the EJARI and she guided me exactly what to do which made the process much easier. Truly recommend her. Lovely lady.

basith abdul - via Google

Thankful to Andrea Fonte and Fam Properties for landing me the apartment that I pictured. I was looking for an apartment in the Meydan NAS area and a friend referred me Andrea. She was very attentive to the needs than just selling anything. Went for a viewing and it was good and matching to my property descriptions; however, the energy didn't really vibe. There I spotted her customer centric approach, she was patient in listening again, she is natural when it comes to understanding the needs that aren't even said. She got me another viewing in two days and that voila, just what I wanted. My current lease was expiring in 5 days, and there were couple of works to be done on the cabinets, and some wall paintings, she got it all done and documentation sorted within a short time that I didn't had to move into hotel apartment. What I needed, When I needed, and How I needed, got it all great. You made it look finding the right property and moving in easy.

Edmara Cecconello - via Google

Excellent advisers. Mrs Andrea helped me to find a very good apartment with a very price.

karen george - via Google

We had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Fonte last weekend and she was truly patience with all our questions and was very forthcoming coming with her answers, which was very helpful. She made sure to show us not only the apartment but also the amenities in the building. I personally likes there was no pressure in making our decision. I would recommend Andrea, to friends for future and potential agent in the near future.

Michael White - via Google

Andrea Fonte is the most professional broker I have come across in my 8 years in Dubai. Respectful, well-mannered and extremely well informed about the market. An asset to the real estate brokerage community.

Abi tes - via Google

Had an amazing experience viewing several apartments with Andrea, She really made the apartment hunt so much easier. All her listings and suggestions weren't misleading in the slightest. She gave me all the info I needed to finalise a decision, with our new apartment. Highly Recommended for future viewings, Thanks Andrea!!

Mousa Abufara - via Google

I had a good experience with agent Andrea Fonte who dedicated her time to find us a property. She is very kind and professional and I strongly recommend her.

Ritesh B - via Google

We are looking for apartment in downtown area and Andrea is helping us to find the perfect home. She is very professional and helpful. She understood our requirements and we hope to find our perfect home soon.

Always Right - via Google

We had a very professional viewing yesterday, Andrea did an amazing effort , I thing this was another Level of property agent , will definitely use her services again..

Mohamed - via Google

Miss Andrea Fonte is very supportive, nice and professional so I recommend her.

Yana Shchasnaya - via Google

I would like to thank you, Andrea Fonte for the diligence and professional service. Definitely will recommend!!!

Ally C - via Google

I was contacted by Andrea and she was really professional and She had a great communication skill. Punctual and respectful. Great service! Highly recommended.

Yulia Bekulova - via Google

Had the misfortune to work with agent Andrea Fonte. I clearly explained the requirements and the urgency to move. First, she didn’t show up to the scheduled viewing. Had to call her up and see if she’s coming , she showed up half an hour later , opened the apartment and left immediately, saying she has a different client. Secondly, I continued the viewings myself and asked her for the prices which she provided wrong. based on this info I made an offer on Thursday. Andrea told me she’ll get the answer on Sunday. On Saturday I asked if I can see the apartments in daylight and she told me the apartments in the building I chose are approved above the price she named initially. Then she told me I misunderstood even though I had the text with the price breakdown. When I said I don’t want to work with her because she gave me wrong information and I can’t trust she is doing the job. she sent me a voice message blaming me for working with another agent, misunderstanding her and saying that even if I go with another agent she will claim her half of commission. Lost for words... The picture of incompetence, terrible service and utter disrespect. Hope FAM properties will take training of their agents seriously and teach them not to waste client’s time.

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