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5+ years of professional experience in sales, marketing and product management in Hospitality, Real Estate and Retail industries. With extensive market knowledge, my service to clients as a Real Estate professional is backed up by real-time data, which enables me to make sure that client gets the best possible options in finding his/her perfect home. She believes in going the extra mile and will not rest until her clients are happy in their perfect home. Aiperi has vast knowledge of entire Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina area's where she is able to suggest what units buyers are looking for within their scope of requirements.

Customer reviews

elena titova - via Google

This spring I bought another property with the help of Aiperi Matyeva, FAM Properties, Palm Jumeira branch. This time I have been even more positively impressed with her services. Not only she confirmed her professionalism, client focus, reliability and resourcefulness, but she knew my situation better given our precious transaction and tailored the whole process to my needs. She did the survey of properties and visited them before suggesting the shortlist to me. And I bought the one she rightfully thought would best suit my needs. Then she was very helpful in completion of the transaction with the developer, making them understand the circumstances, waiting for the funds transfer, etc. She also stepped in a number of post-completion and post-snagging things. Again, she confirmed all the good experiences I had during the first transaction and more. I will - and do - highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy-sell-rent properties in Dubai. She is also a great asset for FAM in terms of promoting the firm’s business in relevant client audiences.

Александр Федоров - via Google

Искал недвижимость в хорошем месте для того, что бы получать арендный доход и в случае необходимости пожить с семьей самому. Aiperi Matyeva palm branch очень профессионально подобрала вариант в комплексе Banyon tree , который отвечал всем необходимым мне параметрам. Полностью сопроводила сделку вплоть до получения арендного платежа уже после перехода права собственности. Спасибо

Ainars Kiksis - via Google

I worked with FAM to but a falt in dubai on secondary market . For nonresident it nis an impossible task

elena titova - via Google

I bought a very nice flat through FAM. I am completely satisfied with the service, largely due to Aiperi Matyeva who worked with me on this project. 1) I would like to mention the outstanding quality of service I was offered by Aiperi. She is very resourceful, energetic and yet very fair and balanced. Not pushing products/services of FAM at you, but listening carefully and working to hear the client and meet the client’s needs. 2) She went far beyond what I expected from a real estate agent. She helped immensely in dealing with the seller/developer’s staff and in navigating them so that the deal and all the details are settled efficiently and at high standards. And helped to settle some issues with the seller which appeared in the process due to some errors of their staff. 3) She also has been resourceful to help me after the sale with certain things that needed to be done in the flat after the sale, as I have been out of the country. In summary, I am pleased and would highly recommend FAM and in particular Aiperi Matyeva to anyone looking for a property in UAE.

Vineeta Samaya - via Google

I would like to thank Ms.Yvonne, Ms. Aiperi and Ms. Rhea for being so wonderful and supportive to me during the entire process! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support through the entire property purchase process. It has been a pleasure to work with you! You will always be my go-to!

Mehdi Ansari - via Google

Aiperi Matyeva- hard working , honest agent managed to rent my apartment swiftly great professional.

Jackson Andrew - via Google

I got property for rent through fam Aiperi Matyeva handled my transaction the whole thing was an seamless and comfortable

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