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Johannes Gruber - via Google

Being new to Dubai, I have been searching for few weeks for my right apartment. Many different real estate agent have been helping me to find my proper stay. Unfortunately they haven't been able to show me the right property, or they just didn't have time, or let me uncomfortable behind. Until Sara AlBalooshi replied to my request. She was able to show me the right apartment, she explained me the process which is to follow through when renting, she managed to get approval from the landlord for my special requests, and I'm sure if I have to follow up with something, she will be a support. Sara AlBalooshi is a great real estate agent, and I can highly recommend her. Thanks Sara!

Haidar Mohammed - via Google

(Translated by Google) A wonderful and elegant accommodation was provided for me. All thanks to Mrs. Sarah Al Balushi, who cleared all the procedures in a professional, elegant and fast manner. (Original) تم توفير سكن رائع وراقي لي ،كل الشكر للسيدة سارة البلوشي التي قامت بتخليص كل الاجراءات بشكل احترافي و راقي و سريع‎

Yuliya Maksimenka - via Google

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for the wonderful experience I had with fam Properties and for the excellent customer service provided by Sara Al Balooshi, the real estate agent. First of all, Miss Sara is quite helpful; she can lead and assist throughout the entire process. Additionally, my new apartment was clean and organized when I first moved in. It is immediately clear that Miss Sara is very professional and has a wonderful attitude and communication style. My real estate agent made me felt very comfortable and trustworthy. This agreement would not have been made without her, thus Fam Property should be proud of such employee. Due to my positive experience, I will always recommend for fam Properties. I'm incredibly happy right now. Thank you for everything.

Nyasha Hazel - via Google

We had the privilege to deal with Sarah AlBalooshi. My husband and I are grateful for her services. She is such an amazing person, kind, helpful and professional. She is an asset to the company. She deserves a promotion and a raise.

Alessandro Vergendo - via Google

Thank you very much Sara AlBalooshi . Excellent professional and very happy with the quality of the apartment and the services

yaseen k - via Google

Sara Al Balooshi from fam properties helped me find my new apartment Dubai South.

Wanis Abdelkader YAGOUNI - via Google

I would like to thank Sara Al Balooshi for her professionalism, availability, support and help throughout the process, she is generous and always available to make things easier for her clients.

Agnes Lim - via Google

Sara Albalooshi is a friendly and responsible agent I have never met !!!! She will manage all those things smoothly. Highly recommended !!

Sukhbir Uppal - via Google

Amazing service by Sara Al Balooshi for finding me a good tenant and completing all formalities so efficiently and promptly. Strongly recommend her to anyone in need!

Ninette - via Google

Sara AlBalooshi has been really professional and helpful during the process. Thank you, you’d done an amazing job!

Sahil kumar - via Google

Sara was amazing Gave me space to make my decision and helped me answer all my doubts and got me into the apartment in a week! 10/10

ibraheem adly - via Google

Sara was very professional .. really proud to deal with sara albalooshi

Luis dos Santos - via Google

Sara was extremely helpful, open, transparent, and reliable through the whole process, she really cared about us, understood our needs from the first moment. Kept us apprised about all procedures, she was extremely communicative and easy to reach to answer any of ours questions at all times . We really recommend Sara we felt lucky to find her.

Ahmed El Safty - via Google

I’ve rent an apartment in celestia building in Dubai south, by Sara Al Balooshi, one of best real estate agents I’ve worked with before in dubai since I came, she’s very corporative and doing her job in a perfect way, and care about all details and what client is looking for.

Adam Kay - via Google

I had a wonderful experience with Fam properties and in particular Sara AlBalooshi. She kept me informed at all times of the progress of the rental and was a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend both Fam and Sara to anyone wanting to rent a property 5 star service start to finish.

kudakwashe endiby - via Google

I cannot thank Sara AlBalooshi at fam Properties, enough for finding me a rental home. I was feeling so overwhelmed with finding a rental in a limited timeframe and did not realize how difficult it could be. I contacted so many Real Estate agencies about their properties listed for rent and no one would get back to me. Not only did Sara get back to me but I was approved and had a home within 2 days. Thank you Sara for your professional, responsive and friendly approach, you’re a wonderful asset to fam Properties.

Asma AAsma - via Google

I am lucky to be assisted by Sara Albalooshi, she is such an honest, smart, humble, patient, and helpful person, and she deserves all the best, I wish her a brilliant future. All the best Sara Albalooshi.

Gulziya Abdubaeva - via Google

Thank you Fam Properties for helping us to find good apartment, specially want to say thanks to agent Sara AlBaloos for helping us to find best option 👍

Teagan Roberts - via Google

Sara Albalooshi was a tremendous help finding the perfect place for me. In a new city, it was a pleasure meeting with and working with her. She is an incredible agent and I am beyond happy with the outcome. Thank you Sara!

Ilgar Pamir - via Google

I recently moved to Dubai. Thanks to Sara AlBalooshi i found a good house to rent. You can trust her to guide you through all the process. I need to thank her and Fam Agency

Sandeep Thapa - via Google

Good service by fam properties and great help by Sara. Helped me to find my new home. 😊

Manu Eldose - via Google

I had a pleasant experience with Fam properties. The property agent Ms Sara AlBalooshi had been really helpful in guiding through the property visits and setting up the Contracts. Overall I would recommend Fam properties for any Real estate deals

Jaime Bauza Adrover - via Google

Sara Albaloooshi was the person who manage the rent of my new apartment in Damac Celestia, very professional and provided an excelent service with landlord. 100% trust in her and the company she represent. Thank you

Giridhar Bollibisai - via Google

It was great experience with Fam Properties. Thanks Sara Albalooshi for her great support and follow up on delivering the property at best condition and without any issues. Wish you all the best and keep doing better.

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