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I have always been very passionate about the real estate, which I have eventually turned into a career. During my life I have been a client in a number of deals spanning through various countries - UAE, Bahrain, France, Monaco, Tunisia, Lithuania and others. I loved analysing, viewing properties, following the market trends etc. I felt that I had the knowledge and passion for real estate which I wanted to share with others. This sparked my enthusiasm in becoming a real estate professional that clients can rely on, trust and build a long-term relationships with. My extensive experience in customer service and my multilingual skills (I speak 5 languages) help me to engage better with the clients and address their needs. I don't just simply help my clients with their transactions - I focus on the value creation and long-term wealth building for them.

Customer reviews

Paul Delume - via Google

Hi Service is on top Professional And efficient Thanks Safa for your help

Daniele Dagna - via Google

Very professional Real Estate agency in Dubai. They are clear in all the communications, passionate for this sector, available to hear the customer's request and to find the best solutions. A special thanks to Safa, always in time with replies and disposed to take note about all details, and to Artem, flexible and very professional Thanks

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