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Success-Driven and highly collaborative in trade Markets. A disciplined investor with a passion for high-volume trading and social understanding of global markets. Skilled in developing and executing effective quantitative investments strategies, including systematic trading correlation high-frequency trading.

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hussam elmokadem - via Google

Nihal is honest and competent in her real estate dealings.She is an experienced appraiser, which gives her an added advantage in real estate investing Nihal knows how to take your idea, make it real, and better than you imagined. She is very well respected by her peers in real estate. As i saw myself with Mr khalil ramadan who helped us also I would recommend her highly to anyone needing real estate advice in Dubai

Mourad Dardakh - via Google

I thank Nihal for the follow-up, a big thank you for this efficiency, this reactivity and this great professionalism in the treatment of the file concerning my property. A very nice person, I recommend 👍

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